English Young Liberals Elections

Next elections take place in December 2018.

Nomination Period: TBC

Election Period: TBC

Recent Election Results:


Ems Simpson - Elected

Ned Williams

Steven Pettitt


Vice Chair (Membership):

Eloka Ikegbunam - Elected Unopposed


Vice Chair (Campaigns):

No Nominations Received 


Ordinary Executive Member:

Lucy Purkis Charters - Elected

Mark Kiley

Ned Williams - Elected

Rhiannon Petteford - Elected


North East Regional Chair

Thomas Crawford – Elected unopposed


North West Regional Chair

Matt Downey – Elected unopposed


Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Chair

Mike Green - Elected

Thomas Hague


West Midlands Regional Chair

Owen Smith – elected unopposed


East Midlands Regional Chair

No Nominations Received 


East of England Regional Chair

Steven Pettitt

Callum Robertson - Elected

Oliver Healey


South Central Regional Chair

Olivia Reed - Elected

Gabriel Stirling


London Regional Chair

Catriona McDougall – elected unopposed


South East Regional Chair

Stani Huepfl - Elected

James Steel


Western Counties Regional Chair

Molly McLaughlin – elected unopposed


Devon & Cornwall Regional Chair

No Nominations Received 

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