Federal Elections


Elections are upon us!

Nomination Period: Friday 13th July - Wednesday 18th July 2018

Election Period: Friday 20th July - Friday 27th July 2018

We have new vacancies on the Federal Executive. Any member of the Young Liberals can nominate themselves for any of the following positions: 

  • Chair
  • Policy Officer
  • Conference Committee (x1)
  • Campaigns Committee (x1)
  • International Committee (x3)

In order to nominate yourself, you need to email the returning officer, Neil Fawcett with the following details at: elections@youngliberals.uk 

The details you need to send are:


Position/s you want to stand for

Membership number

You may also submit a manifesto (no more than one side of A4) if desired. 

Anyone intending to stand can start campaigning!

The Young Liberals constitution, including the election regulations, is HERE 

If you have any questions please email Neil at elections@youngliberals.uk 

Recent Election Results:



Hannah Ashworth & Thomas Gravatt - Elected

Scott Emery & Hannah Hunter (Plain Text)

Lee Gibbs

Harry Samuels


Elizabeth Barnard & Jack Worrall (Plain Text- Elected

Lee Gibbs

Steven Pettitt


Finn Conway (Plain Text) - Elected

Lee Gibbs

Communications Officer

Hermione Peace - Elected

Lee Gibbs

Campaigns Officer

Jake Acock

Lee Gibbs

Charlie Murphy - Elected 

Membership Development Officer

Daniel Cook

Lee Gibbs

Nathan Isaacson (Plain Text) - Elected

Curtis Parfitt-Ford

Edward Sainsbury

Events Officer

Lee Gibbs

Huw James (Plain Text) - Elected

Policy Officer

Emilia Fox Lavis

Lee Gibbs

Abrial Jerram

Henry Jones (Plain Text) - Elected

William Tilbrook

Polly Winfield

International Officer

Joshua Gladwin

Lee Gibbs

Ben Whitlock - Elected

Welfare & Accessibility Officer

Lee Gibbs

Jezz Palmer

Victoria Scott - Elected

Jack Spoor

Non-Portfolio Officer

Jason Brown

Patrick Crosby - Elected

Lee Gibbs

Jack Lovejoy

Thomas Rimmer

Joe Young

Campaigns Committee

Tara Copeland

Joe Crossley (Plain Text) - Elected

Lee Gibbs

Henry Jones (Plain Text) - Elected

Conference Committee

Lee Gibbs

Joe Young - Elected

International Committee

Lee Gibbs

Stuart Smith - Elected

Policy Committee

Tara Copeland - Elected

Emilia Fox Lavis

Lee Gibbs

Abrial Jerram

Conor Melvin - Elected

Thomas Rimmer

William Tilbrook

Hallam Wiltshire

Joe Young


Lee Gibbs

Tessa Munt - Elected


Lee Gibbs

Jack Hughes - Elected

Morgan Inwood - Elected

George Porter

April Preston - Elected

Stuart Wheatcroft (Plain Text) - Elected

Thomas Hemsley

Kevin McNamara - Elected



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