Nick Clegg launches Liberal Democrat election campaign with help from Liberal Youth!

Only the Liberal Democrats can offer a stronger economy and a fairer society, Nick Clegg said at the launch of his party’s General Election campaign. Yesterday Nick kick-started the race to polling day in the key target seat of Oxford West and Abingdon alongside brilliant parliamentary candidate Layla Moran.  

He said: “Everybody knows that our country has been through a very difficult time. You, your friends and your family have had to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. The good news is your hard work is paying off. So the question now is: how can you make sure your hard work doesn't go to waste? How do we finish the job, but make sure that we do it fairly, with a Government that serves the whole country?

“Which party stands up for decent British values of fairness, compassion and generosity? Which of the political parties is going to deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society, not force us to choose one of the other, but deliver both.The answer is the Liberal Democrats."

The campaign will focus on the five main priorities that will feature on the front page of the manifesto. Each week of the campaign will highlight on one of the priorities. The party also unveiled their battle bus designed by two graphic design students and we think it looks great!

It might have been wet windy and rainy but Liberal Youth were out in force supporting Nick and the brilliant Layla. This was our second weekend in the beautiful constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon as we were campaigning there a few weeks ago for one of our national action weekends. They have a great team in Oxford and would welcome any help you can give them. So, if you do have a bit of free time between now and the General Election then drop their organiser an email by clicking here and let them know you want to get involved! 


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