Co-Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer

Andrew Rushton

Andrew Rushton

Email: [email protected]


Executive Duties:

i. Act as a central point of contact for our members with welfare issues or disputes;

ii. Handle any welfare complaints and organise disciplinary investigations involving our members;

iii. Support the Executive with welfare and accessibility issues, for example help ensure accessibility of venues for events, provision of plain text versions of campaign graphics;

iv. Maintain a relationship with the party’s Pastoral Care Officer;

v. Promote diversity and equality of access within the Young Liberals, including by ensuring a welcoming environment and managing safeguarding of under18s;

vi. Provide a degree of pastoral support for Young Liberals members at Young Liberals events;

vii. Ensure that Young Liberals events are supported by registered first-aiders where required.


Andrew joined the party in 2019. He currently studies in Prague on an Erasmus+ year doing Social Studies. He has previously served as LGBA+ Rep and YL Rep to LGBT+ Lib Dems. He plans to stand for council in Lichfield in 2023. Outside of politics, Andrew enjoys playing Table Tennis and Cricket.

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