Co-Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer

Lucy Tonge

Lucy Tonge

Email: [email protected]


Executive Duties:

i. Act as a central point of contact for our members with welfare issues or disputes;

ii. Handle any welfare complaints and organise disciplinary investigations involving our members;

iii. Support the Executive with welfare and accessibility issues, for example help ensure accessibility of venues for events, provision of plain text versions of campaign graphics;

iv. Maintain a relationship with the party’s Pastoral Care Officer;

v. Promote diversity and equality of access within the Young Liberals, including by ensuring a welcoming environment and managing safeguarding of under18s;

vi. Provide a degree of pastoral support for Young Liberals members at Young Liberals events;

vii. Ensure that Young Liberals events are supported by registered first-aiders where required.


Lucy joined the party in 2015, 3 days after the general election. Born and raised in Bedford, she did work experience in the Mayor’s office before moving to London and getting stuck in with the London party. She has previously been on YL diversity committee as disability rep and spent two years on the LGBT+ LD exec. Lucy has also done work with a number of charities to improve student mental health care and raise awareness of hidden disabilities. Outside the party, Lucy enjoys playing board games, watching TikToks of cute dogs and looking after her growing family of houseplants.

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