Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer

Katharine Macy



Executive Duties:

i. Act as a central point of contact for our members with welfare issues or disputes;

ii. Handle any welfare complaints and organise disciplinary investigations involving our members;

iii. Support the Executive with welfare and accessibility issues, for example help ensure accessibility of venues for events, provision of plain text versions of campaign graphics;

iv. Maintain a relationship with the party’s Pastoral Care Officer;

v. Promote diversity and equality of access within the Young Liberals, including by ensuring a welcoming environment and managing safeguarding of under18s;

vi. Provide a degree of pastoral support for Young Liberals members at Young Liberals events;

vii. Ensure that Young Liberals events are supported by registered first-aiders where required.


Katharine is from Hertfordshire and moved to York where she studied archaeology and is now specialising in human evolution and the role autism has played in cultural evolution. She has been involved in the Liberal Democrats from a young age, both her grandfather and mother having been councillors during her childhood. She was a paper candidate for both York council elections and for the general election, standing in Selby and Ainsty. Katharine has helped to pass policy on young carers in the party and aims to work hard on improving accessibility for all diversity groups, with a personal interest in disabled rights and women and non-binary rights.

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