Branch Development Fund FAQs

What is the deadline to apply?
We will look at applications on a rolling basis, but the sooner you apply the more likely you are to get the funding. 

How do you decide which bids to grant?
The team behind the Branch Development Fund consists of LYE exec members Stuart Wheatcroft, Brian Stokes, and Rachel Edwards; we’ll be deciding which bids to grant based on your applications, in consultation with Sophie Thornton, LYE Chair.  

We’ll be looking for bids that achieve one or more of the following:

  • Recruit new members. E.g. a campaign on cannabis legalisation that will engage non-party members

  • Help retain existing members. E.g. ‘pizza and politics’ with a guest speaker or some other fun social event

  • Develop the confidence, engagement, or capabilities of existing members. E.g. a training event that will help members in your area increase their confidence in public speaking, their ability to create graphics, or any other skill they might want to have

I’m still not sure what a good bid looks like.
We’ve written up an example bid to show you the sort of thing that we’re looking for.

Is there anything you won’t fund?
This money isn’t to help fund your travel or accommodation at conference or LY conference, sorry. 

Can I apply if I’m not a member of a Liberal Youth branch?
Yes!  We’re also happy to work with you if you are:

  • A local party hoping to kickstart a Liberal Youth presence in your area

  • A group of young people hoping to start a Liberal Youth branch together

  • A party member or party body hoping to organise a one-off event or project for young people in England at the local, county, or regional level

What if you don’t like my bid?
If we’ve got issues with your bid, we will always get in touch to discuss it & help you to improve it, rather than rejecting it outright.  If in doubt about whether something is appropriate, it's always better to ask!

How soon can we get the money?
Before we pay out any grants, we’ll want to see receipts, an update about how the event went, and obviously bank details for your society account/an individual so we can make the payment.  We don’t have to see original receipts; emailed copies will do just fine.  We’ll get your payment to you as soon as possible once we have all this information.

I still have questions!
Get in touch with us; you can email Rachel at [email protected]; we're always happy to answer questions, give advice, or give feedback on bid ideas.

I'm ready to go!
Great; head back to the main Branch Development Fund page to get your bid in!

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