Conference Access Fund

The Young Liberals Conference Access Fund allows all Young Liberals to submit requests for financial support so that Conference is open to all our members.

If you have never been to Conference before, or already know how fun it is but have run into financial trouble, then don't worry - the Conference Access fund is here to help! 


The access fund for the Edinburgh 2022 Conference is now open and accepting applications until 28th January 2022. 

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Q: Is there a deadline to apply by?

A: Yes - applications will close two weeks before the first day of the respective conference. Although, if you have a change of circumstances or similar contact the Finance Officer directly. 

Q: How will you decide which requests to grant?

A: Similar to our Young & Winning Grants for candidates, executive members and diversity representatives will meet to discuss the anonymised applications. Most applications are approved. 

Q: What if you don't like my bid or it's unclear?

A: If there are any issues the Finance Officer will get in touch. If you have any questions about refining your plan feel free get in touch with the Finance Officer or the Accessibility, Diversity & Standards Officers (Lucy and Andrew).

Q: How soon can we get the money?

A: The Access Fund will first cover ticket costs so that you don’t have to pay anything. If you need more assistance reimbursements will happen after Conference and receipts will need to be provided, as well as the bank details of the individual applicant. We don't have to see original receipts; emailed copies will do just fine. We'll get your payment to you as soon as possible once we have all this information. If this is a problem for you though, contact the Finance Officer and we'll see what we can do. 

Q: I still have questions!

A: Feel free to get in touch with the Finance Officer if there are still any questions left unanswered by this FAQ!

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