Conference Access Fund FAQs

Q: Is there a deadline to apply by? 

A: Yes - applications will close two weeks before the first day of the respective conference.

Q: How will you decide which requests to grant? 

A: Any bids will be reviewed by YL exec members Finn Conway, Huw James, and Jack Worrall. Based on the submissions received, and in consultation with the acting Chair Thomas Gravatt, we will then decide whose applications to select, and will immediately contact those successful a week before conference begins. All details will be handled with strict confidentiality, and submissions will be presented anonymously to the subcommittee by the Finance Officer. We will prioritise those from minority backgrounds and those who have not attended conference before. 

Q: What if you don't like my bid?

A: If there are any issues we'll always get in touch rather than just ignore you. If you have any questions about refining your plan feel free to email the Finance Officer at

Q: How soon can we get the money?

A: Unfortunately we cannot just give out money, and so we will have to receive receipts first, as well as the bank details of the individual applicant. We don't have to see original receipts; emailed copies will do just fine. We'll get your payment to you as soon as possible once we have all this information. 

Q: I still have questions!

A: Feel free to get in touch with the Finance Officer if there are still any questions unanswered by this comprehensive FAQ! 

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