Drug Reform

Support, Don't Punish!


The UK’s drug laws aren’t keeping anyone safe.

Drugs being illegal means they can't be regulated. That creates uncertainty about the composition, purity, toxicity, and strength of drugs that people buy and use. 

Where front-of-house testing has been successfully provided at UK festivals, around 20% of people who have used the service have disposed of the drugs in question. This may be because they turned out to be cut with something dangerous, be too strong, be contaminated, any number of other things that might put the user at risk. 

Young Liberals are fighting to:

  • legalise the use, possession and sale of cannabis
  • end sentencing for possession of other drugs for personal use
  • have free, readily available kits to test the safety of your drugs
  • push for the introduction of laws meaning that all outdoor music festivals should have drug-testing facilities
  • reform licensing laws to encourage clubs and charities to provide onsite drug-testing facilities
  • turn the UK's approach to drug laws into a harm reduction approach, rather than the current zero-tolerance model

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