Election Working Group

Young Liberals elections have been a bit tricky recently. From issues arranging hustings, the length of the voting period,  to release of results - we've got a lot of work to do to improve our election process.

One of our executive officers, Cat, is forming a working group to investigate if any changes should be made to the current election style and timetable. And applications are open to join the group!

The working group aims to:

  • Gather feedback from both candidates and the electorate on the current timetable
  • Produce alternative timetable options
  • Review hustings viability
  • Investigate other communication channels between candidates and the electorate
  • Devise how to make elections easier for first time candidates
  • Investigate the idea of rules for candidates and what they should be
  • Produce a report and give a recommendation to the executive

We're looking for a diverse range of members to join this working group. The number of group members will be kept to 10 or under, who will preferably have a mix of backgrounds, geographical locations and diversities.

You don't need any experience, just enthusiasm and an interest in how YL runs our elections. 

To indicate your interest, or ask any questions, email Cat at [email protected]

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