Ems Simpson Plain Text Manifesto

hi, I'm ems simpson & I'm running for EYL chair
@ thatemskid

Who even are you?

I'm a final year history and politics student at Birmingham, quesadilla enthusiast and former Welfare Officer & NPO.


cool, but what do you want to do?

I want to try and make the English Party actually work for its members, and give English members the support, the events and campaigns they can readily access and alleviate the pressure of Federal Exec to organise events in England so they can do the really cool important things. (like conferences etc)


urgh, whatever just give me three things you want to do.

  • make action days workable: always ensuring there are accessible and nearby action days for you to attend.  

  • connect societies together: things best get achieved when we work together! work towards connecting university and non-student societies through joint socials and campaigns in your area!

  • ensure materials for campaigning are accessible: sometimes you might want to start a campaign at your society but have no idea where to start. i will put together a "campaigning cheat sheet" with everything you'll need to get c*** done, while also ensuring what you produce is accessible to all!

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