English Party Update 2022

English Party Update 


English Council


The English Council meeting of November took place. 


The first point of interest is that the budget for 2022 was passed with the level of funding for the Young Liberals keeping at the same level as 2021. Please do note that whilst the new funding is being kept the same in 2020 we had a sizeable underspend on our Federal Levy, of which we were allowed to keep £4,000 of it for 2021. This means the cut from 2020-2021 will only now be felt by the Young Liberals.


A great motion on making the parliamentary candidates selection process more accessible to disabled people was tabled and passed. The motion called for a disabled person to be on the shortlist of every target and advanced seat, a bursary scheme to be encouraged, training and other support. This is being investigated by the English Candidates Committee for implementation for the next round of selections.


Kian Hearnshaw presented his report as the English Party VC of Regional Development. This contained his work on the Investing in the Regions project, working on diversity and inclusion and support for regional chairs. I would really like to thank Kian for his excellent service to the Young Liberals and the English Party and wish him the absolute best for everything he goes onto do.


The English Party is also engaging in a set of reforms that should help with a more open English Party in the future. This time we passed motions to elongate terms to two years and add an extra English Council meeting to the calendar.


Kian Hearnshaw was also the lead individual on the compulsory local election tithing policy. Local election candidates will now have to sign up to pay a 10% tithe if elected (unless the hardship provision is enacted.) Local parties now have the ability to deselect councillors who do not pay their tithes which will greatly increase the income local parties can generate.


The local party development plan and pacts motion was another point of interest. This motion fundamentally means that local parties that want to engage in pacts to stand down for other parties must show the region a long term development plan with extremely good arguments as to why actively standing down in seats is essential for the long term development of the local party and their ability to win local elections.


Oliver Jones-Lyons delivered his report that was met with universal praise from the attendance of the meeting.


English Council Executive elections


The elections for the English Council Executive took place in November with the last rerun of a contest just finishing last week. I am glad to report that the Young Liberals managed to elect a Young Liberal to every committee of the English party. 


On the executive we have myself, Rebecca Procter, Fergus Ustianowski, Oliver Jones-Lyons (EYL Chair) and Peter Banks (FIRC Representative). The English Candidates Committee we managed to get both Rebecca Procter and Fergus Ustianowski elected. I now sit on the Regional Parties Committee and I am joined on  the English Finance and Administration Committee by Fergus Ustianowski. I have also won the Vice Chair for Regional Development contest that means that I am one of the English Party’s officers going forward.


As a Young Liberals team within the English Party, we will work incredibly hard to deliver on the things young people care about when it comes to regional activity, candidates, our finances, standards within local and regional parties and everything else the English Party is responsible for.

English Young Liberals Executive Meeting


Myself, Fergus Ustianowski and Daniel Powell took over the running of the English Young Liberal’s first meeting. We are delighted to announce that we have filled the EYL reps to the federal committees and elected a new Vice Chair of EYL the results are:

EYL rep to Communications Committee: Charlie Moore (West Mids)

EYL rep to Events Committee: Kieron Franks (East of England)

EYL rep to Policy Committee: Joe Norris (East Mids)

EYL rep to Campaigns Committee: Felix Andrew (London)

Vice Chair of the English Young Liberals: Callum Clark (North West)


We also talked a bit about the South East cooption, a checklist of what Regional Chairs need and had a talk about the regional campaigning.


You can find the minutes of the meeting here


Action on the Selection Rules


Due to a few issues flagged up the English Candidates Committee recently decided to strengthen the approvals and selection process to ensure that we are approving and selecting true liberals as our candidates. This includes asking people going through the process several more questions about values and previous party membership amongst other things. I would like to thank the Chair of ECC Margaret Joachim for her speedy action on this.


Jack Worrall - Young Liberals English Council Representative.

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