Events Officer

Eleanor Kelly

Eleanor Kelly

[email protected]


Executive Duties:

i. Organise Young Liberals conferences, and ensure conferences operate smoothly with calling notices and agendas circulated in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution and Standing Orders;

ii. Co-ordinate Young Liberals presence at Liberal Democrat Conferences, including a stall at the Exhibition, fringe events, training events, and socials;

iii. Ensure that Young Liberals events are accessible and inclusive, supporting those of all backgrounds including under-18s and non-drinkers as well as protected characteristics under the Equality Act, consulting with the Welfare and Access Officer as required.


Eleanor joined the party in 2014. She currently sits on her local party executive in Rochdale and chaired the North West Young Liberals during the 2019-2020 term. 

She is the proud holder of a Blue Peter badge. 

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