Meet your new executive!


This Saturday saw the first meeting of the new Young Liberals executive team. With so many fresh faces on the exec this year, the Zoom call was brimming with exciting new ideas.

As a brand new officer team, we'd love to meet you - so we've decided to host a Meet the Exec event on Zoom! It will be on the 17th of November, at 6:30pm. You can sign up here.

In our first meeting, exec members talked through our first week in our roles, and our plans for the year ahead:

Co-Chairs - Callum Robertson and Jack Worrall 

We have three main priorities: to professionalise, organise and inform. We want to form great relations in all levels of the party. We want to make sure we have a plan to get YLers elected both in public office and internally. We want to be the most accountable executive in YL history. We hope we can take YL forward and make progress this year.

Vice Chair - Matt Craven

One of my pledges was to formalise the Vice Chairs role in the exec regulations to include the de facto Facebook group admin responsibilities, which I'm pleased we achieved at this exec meeting. Another was to start a shared executive calendar, which we also agreed to trial. Over the week since I took up this role I have recruited a new team of moderators for YL Forum. These moderators will do 6 month terms, as per my manifesto.

I look forward to working on my other pledges, including streamlining YL Facebook groups, formalising the Discord, and running a consultation on Forum.

Finance Officer - Catriona McDougall

My top three manifesto pledges were to implement quarterly budget reviews, learn from our sister youth wings, and create and sell merchandise to fundraise. 

At this exec meeting we agreed to add budget reviews "throughout the year at the discretion of the Finance Officer" to the executive regulations. 

Communications Officer - Aleisha Stansfield

On my manifesto points, I hope to start the monthly bulletin and our outreach within the party with an invitation to our Meet the Exec Zoom, an event which was agreed at this meeting! I have a meeting with the co-MBDOs to talk training in the coming week. I've started making comms templates for states, regions, branches and societies - I'm working with other officers to get these on a central shared Google Drive. I have met with the ADS officer to start developing a diversity comms strategy, and will be attending the first meeting of the diversity committee to further develop this. 

In the week since I took office, our key comms events have been a Twitter thread on student mental health during lockdown, and an Instagram stories Q&A. Our engagement on Facebook is up 16967% and reach is up by 1539%, our Twitter impressions are up 68.1%, and Instagram impressions are up to 6167. The YL website has been restructured and updated, and I've worked with HQ to sort out our membership and join information on the website. I've met with senior LDHQ staff to talk about YL campaigns, and spoken to HQ media and comms staff to sort out meetings to make sure we're all on the same page. 

Campaigns Officer - Joel Punwani

I've started a WhatsApp group for the campaigns committee, and we had our first meeting where we talked about YL local council candidates. My plans include creating a group chat of all local campaigns officers, running training with experienced campaigners, and listening to university societies on our Freshers campaigns. 

Co-Membership and Branch Development Officers - Elizabeth Barnard and Thom Campion

Elizabeth: This first week, we’ve had our handover with the outgoing Membership & Branch Development Officer, and we’ve met with some of the other officers with which we have shared objectives for the year ahead. We’re especially excited about the branch review happening over the next couple of months, that will be led by the NPO Becky & us. My plans for the year ahead are to create proper guides for branches and societies - including a start-up guide - and to start a monthly newsletter to societies and branches about our campaigns and events.

Thom: In the past week, Elizabeth and I have been off to a flying start. I’ve had meetings with teams in both HQ and ALDC to start work on enacting our manifesto pledges including a YL specific training day; I’ve supported our wonderful new NPO Becky with the start of the branch review and I’ve taken on modding on Forum. We’ve got a great year ahead and I can’t wait to start working with and supporting Young Liberals across the country as well as supporting our young councillors. If you want to get in touch please do at [email protected].

Events Officer - Eleanor Kelly

In this first week I've been dealing with the handover of events which have been delayed from last year, and agreed to work with Aleisha to put on a Meet the Exec event. My plans are to explore running a conference which is a hybrid virtual and physical event, give two months notice for conference, and making sure our events are diverse and accessible. 

Policy Officer - Hannah Vandersluis

Unfortunately Hannah couldn't make this meeting. But in her manifesto she pledges to work with branches to establish which issues matter most, focus on providing distinctive liberal answers to issues that are relevant to young people., and streamline YL's policy output. 

International Officer - Mathilde Boecker

In my first week I've been finding my feet with all the hats the international officer wears and getting to know the other officers! My plans for the year include promoting YL to young Europeans living in the UK, developing a strategy for branches to attract international students, and organising online events with our international friends and colleagues.

Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer - Katharine Macy

I've had the handover meeting with the Diversity Committee and am arranging the first meeting with them, alongside having organised and hosted a discussion call with under 18s of YL to discuss how best to represent them. 

BAME Officer - Jessica Lee

This year I hope to develop a diverse YL recruitment strategy and conduct a YL diversity consultation. I've already started my BAME Office office hours between 10am and 1pm on a Sunday. I'll continue working on developing policy that really matters to minority ethnic YL members, including the PCC Stop and Search Pledge. And I plan to change the name of my role and expand the BAME YL group.

English Chair - William Tench

William is acting as the interim EYL Chair, as Jack Worrall (former YL chair) was elected federal YL chair and cannot hold two executive positions at once.

They will be kicking off their plans by holding a preliminary meeting of next year's EYL executive before their term starts.

Welsh Chair - Tom Turtle

Having consulted with my predecessor, and spoken to the Chief Executive in Wales, I am excited to chair the first official meeting of the Welsh Executive over the coming weeks. We will discuss our plans for the year and translate them into a workable strategy, take immediate action to resolve a problem regarding access to our bank account, and set in motion the process of electing/coopting members for the empty roles of Non Portfolio Officer, Vice Chair and Welsh Language Coordinator. In the meantime, I am enjoying the process of familiarising myself with the party’s structures and its people.

Ar ôl ymgynghori â fy rhagflaenydd, a siarad â'r Prif Weithredwr yng Nghymru, rwy'n gyffrous cadeirio cyfarfod swyddogol cyntaf Gweithrediaeth Cymru dros yr wythnosau nesaf. Byddwn yn trafod ein cynlluniau ar gyfer y flwyddyn ac yn eu trosi'n strategaeth ymarferol, yn gweithredu ar unwaith i ddatrys problem o ran mynediad i'n cyfrif banc, ac yn cychwyn y broses o ethol / coopio aelodau ar gyfer y rolau gwag; Swyddog Di-Bortffolio, Is-gadeirydd a Chydlynydd Iaith Gymraeg. Yn y cyfamser, rydw i'n mwynhau'r broses o ymgyfarwyddo â strwythurau'r blaid a'i phobl.

Scottish Chair - Andrew Reynolds

Because Scottish YL elections don't run alongside federal, Welsh and English elections, Andrew's term is over in a month. When the new chair is elected we'll keep you up to date on their plans for the year!

Non-Portfolio Officer - Becky Grubb

My plan is to support the exec, check in with them regularly and offer help; conduct a branch review to update the details of our branches, listen to their experiences and suggestions for us; and run virtual clinics for members to help them with any information they are lacking, and to listen to whatever they have to say. 

I'm pleased to say the exec has agreed to go forward with the branch review, so I look forward to getting started! 

We're really excited to get going, and it looks like it'll be a really great year. If you want to get in contact with any of the new team you can find our email addresses here.

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