Federal Co-options 2021

Co-option nominations are now open for one space on each of the following Young Liberals committees:

  • Campaigns Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Policy Committee 

Nominations will close at 7pm on Thursday 25th March 2021.

Any Young Liberals member can apply for these co-options. A co-option is a process where the Young Liberals executive choose people to fill vacant roles without an election. You don't need a whole load of experience - some of our best committee members ever have come into their roles with just a lot of enthusiasm! 

To apply, check out the co-option regulations to make sure your application fits the criteria. Then send an election address (think of it as almost like a cover letter) of no more than one side of A4 to our Returning Officer, Maddi, at [email protected], telling us why you'd be great at the role! 

Read the regulations


Here's a bit more about our committees and what they do. 

Campaigns Committee is chaired by the YL Campaigns Officer. The key responsibilities of the committee are:

a. To promote the organisation and the Liberal Democrats to students and young people;
b. To support Liberal Democrat campaigning in recruiting and campaigning for students and young people;
c. To organise campaigns as decided by Conference; and
d. To organise the annual Freshers campaign.

So far this year, the campaigns committee have helped to organise phone campaigning, created and shared resources on campaigns such as YL's No-Detriment campaign, and allocated £3,500 in grants to Young Liberals standing in May through our Young & Winning scheme. 

Communications Committee is chaired by the YL Communications Officer, Aleisha. The key responsibilities for the committee are:

a. To support the Communications Officer in their role;
b. To promote the Young Liberals, our events, and campaigns; and
c. To work as a media response team for any pressing news item or agenda.

So far this year, the communications committee have helped to livetweet and promote events, advised on communications support for branches, and received graphic design training. 

Policy Committee is chaired by the YL Policy Officer, Janey. The key responsibilities for the committee are:

a. To draft policy for Conference;
b. To draft policy for Liberal Democrats Conferences;
c. To ensure policy is consistent;
d. To commission working groups to explore policy areas;
e. To provide drafting advice to members wishing to submit policy motions and
amendments to Conference; and
f. To select motions for debate at Conference, within the time constraints set by
Events Committee.

So far this year, the policy committee have given drafting advice and chosen policies for debate at YL Winter Conference, and had two policies and one amendment accepted to federal Liberal Democrat Spring Conference.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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