Finance Officer

Finn Conway


Executive Duties:

i. Draft an annual budget for the executive to vote on at the beginning of the term, which shall apply to the following calendar year;

ii. Ensure proper budgetary control exercised, and executive members do not make spending commitments without authority;

iii. Coordinate payments from Young Liberals bank accounts and monitor the financial position;

iv. Lead fundraising campaigns for the Young Liberals as a whole or as specific projects;

v. Ensure that the Registered Officers have access to all the information required to discharge their legal duties effectively.


Finn is a campaigner from Bristol now based in Oxford, where he studies Classics at university. He remains loyal to his southwestern roots, though has happily accepted his upgrade to metropolitan liberal elite in the meantime.

Finn joined in September 2016 and threw himself into the deep end by serving as his university society's Campaigns Officer during the 2017 snap election, where Layla Moran MP was successfully elected. He was soon elected Finance Officer for 2017-18 and subsequently President-elect of Oxford University Liberal Democrats. Finn fought a difficult student-facing campaign during the 2018 Oxford local elections and, against all odds, eventually lost by a tantalising 7 votes. Finn was then elected Chair of Young Liberals from July until October 2018 following a by-election, before choosing to reprise his role as Finance Officer this year, so great is his love of spreadsheets.

Finn’s hobbies include music, strategy games, and performative exasperation.

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