Finance Officer

Jack Worrall

Jack Worrall

[email protected]


Executive Duties:

i. Draft an annual budget for the executive to vote on at the beginning of the term, which shall apply to the following calendar year;

ii. Ensure proper budgetary control exercised, and executive members do not make spending commitments without authority;

iii. Coordinate payments from Young Liberals bank accounts and monitor the financial position;

iv. Lead fundraising campaigns for the Young Liberals as a whole or as specific projects;

v. Ensure that the Registered Officers have access to all the information required to discharge their legal duties effectively.


Jack is in his 4th year on the Young Liberals Executive after previously holding the roles of co-Vice Chair, English Young Liberals Chair and (briefly) co-Chair. Jack is looking forward to trying to get merchandise up and running this year. In his spare time, Jack likes to play darts and listen to Eurovision.

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