Freshers Pack Info


If you have any questions about freshers, we are hosting an event where you can come and ask questions. You can sign up here. The pack order forms will close 18th August!


Zoom for Q&A:


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 897 5488 3068


Our Freshers packs this year consist of 3 main campaigns; Trans Rights, Drug Reform and Anti-spiking. You can view them all on the main fresher's page.

There will be 2 types of packs this year:


Online Physical Pack
Pdfs of Campaign posters 4, A3 posters for campaigns
Templates for local issues 100 flyers for general YL info
FAQs to help answer questions 1 Yellow Table Cloth
  1 Pride Flag
  50 YL Pens
  FAQs to help answer questions
  Access to online pack
  Delivery included



The pricing of the packs are:

  Affiliated YL Branch Non-affiliated YL Branch
Online free free
Physical £10 £25



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