Freshers Pack Info


If you have any questions about freshers, please email Fergus, our campaigns officer here.


Our Freshers packs this year consist of 3 main campaigns; Trans Rights, Drug Reform and Anti-spiking. You can view them all on the main fresher's page.

There will be 2 types of packs this year:


Online Physical Pack
Pdfs of Campaign posters 4, A3 posters for campaigns
Templates for local issues 100 flyers for general YL info
FAQs to help answer questions 1 Yellow Table Cloth
  1 Pride Flag
  50 YL Pens
  FAQs to help answer questions
  Access to online pack
  Delivery included



The pricing of the packs are:

  Affiliated YL Branch Non-affiliated YL Branch
Online free free
Physical £10 £25



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