Handover Exec Meeting

Young Liberals Executive Meeting

On Saturday 7th November 2020 the new Young Liberals exec had our first ever official meeting.

We had only been in our roles for 7 days, but it turns out we already had a lot to catch up on! 

Here's a quick update on what happened:

  • We had individual handover meetings with the corresponding members of the outgoing exec, and all had a budget report from the outgoing Finance Officer
  • Callum and Jack, the new co-chairs, welcomed the new exec and noted that this is YL's first gender balanced exec 
  • The officers gave a rundown of their plans for the year according to their manifestos and verbal summaries about their first week in their roles
  • We approved some minor changes to the executive regulations (check the full minutes for details!)
  • We talked about holding a 'Meet the Exec' event on Zoom, and agreed Eleanor (Events) and Aleisha (Comms) could go ahead with organising it
  • Becky (Non-Portfolio Officer) brought a proposal to carry out a YL branch review. There was a big discussion about the finer details, but ultimately the exec voted unanimously to approve the review
  • We agreed that the YL Discord should fall under the Vice-Chair's remit unofficially, until that status can be formalised 
  • Matt (Vice-Chair) asked for approval to create a shared Google Calendar for the exec, which the exec approved
  • Cat (Finance Officer) proposed setting up a working group to look into the YL election process. It was suggested she could bring a formal proposal to the next exec meeting, but it was agreed that given the need for this to be formed quickly then the proposal and vote could be done via email before the next exec meeting 
  • Kathy (ADS) gave verbal feedback on the event they ran for YL members aged under 18 
  • Aleisha (Comms) asked for approval to promote Kickstart (an ALDC event) through YL channels, and the exec approved

That's it for this month's exec meeting! Before the next one, why not come and meet the team at our Meet the Exec event? We'd love to meet you and answer any questions you might have. 

Click here for the full minutes of the meeting. The next YL exec meeting is scheduled for 28th November 2020.

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