Introducing The Forum and The Membership Hub



We are excited to introduce our brand new social media platforms, The Membership Hub and The Forum. These are our fantastic new frontline groups on Facebook. They are designed for giving Young Liberals a great social space in the shape of The Forum, along with a brilliant notice board in the design of the Membership Hub. In these new Facebook groups, you’ll be able to keep up with all of our campaigns, local and national, and also discuss key issues with other Young Liberals members.

The Membership Hub is a space for sharing Young Liberals Activities, campaigning advice, and other useful information. Members can contribute to the group by sharing local Lib Dem events, joining in on the threads, or choosing how to get more involved with Young Liberals.


To join The Membership Hub  CLICK HERE


The Young Liberals Forum is a platform for topical discussion, networking, and policy debate for members of Young Liberals. The group's primary role is to provide an easily accessible, safe, and fair space for Young Liberals to socialise online.

This group is heavily monitored and maintained by a team of volunteer administrators, who have full control over the group and its code of conduct. The full code of conduct can be found here.

To join the Forum  CLICK HERE 

To join these groups you must be a member of the Liberal Democrats and a Young Liberal (25 and under/a student/an opt-in member between the ages of 26-30). In order to join The Forum, you must answer ALL of the questions asked when you submit your request. We cannot let people in until they have answered ALL the questions.

These groups have been created as part of the Young Liberals Executive’s objective to make communication with our members more streamlined. We feel that these new groups are a good step forward to making our organisation more accessible, and more safe for every single member.

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