Labour won't stop a Tory Brexit

Kier Starmer: "Nobody is ruling out Remain" Jeremy Corbyn: "We can't stop Brexit"


Just weeks after Sir Keir Starmer told us that "nobody is ruling out remain", today, Jeremy Corbyn did exactly that.


Labour are confused.


Labour aren't serious about any moves to stop Brexit and respect the 1.4 million Labour voters who have changed from leave to remain according to polling by Focaldata for Best for Britain and Hope Not Hate.

Their membership and their voters are clear in the polls - they don't want a dangerous, damaging and undemocratic Brexit - they want the final say. Over 85% of them are in favour of a People's Vote.

Yet Labour still support Brexit from the top. Jeremy Corbyn confidently tells the public that Brexit is done, that Brexit is unstoppable. Despite the fact that, with Labour's votes in Parliament, added to the growing numbers in favour of a final say on the deal, Theresa May's government wouldn't have the numbers to say no, and we could put an end to this mess once and for all

It's no wonder there's a growing consensus that Jeremy Corbyn is the single biggest barrier to a People's Vote and the chance to exit from Brexit.

Diane Abbott issues stark and uninformed warnings to dissuade us from demanding our right to a final say on the deal. This is despite the largest poll conducted since the referendum showing that the areas that most strongly voted Leave have experienced huge swings towards Remain, with now 54% of the country as a whole in favour of staying in the EU.

Corbyn has said that he is bound by his members on Brexit, who emphatically supported a Labour policy supporting a final say on the deal, but behind closed doors were cheated into a motion which made a General Election Labour's goal, and left a People's Vote to be an afterthought.

We can't go on like this - Labour are stealing our future from right in front of us.

With 139 days left until departure day, it's imperative we take this as a call for action, if not to prove Jeremy Corbyn wrong, then to save our future from this disastrous Tory Brexit. We can stop it, and we must.


We'll be writing to our MPs to demand they change course or more action towards a People's Vote.

We'll be campaigning on social media to demand our right to a say.

We'll be taking every opportunity to show this government and this opposition that we won't stand for a Brexit that damages our futures, and that our generation will never forget this betrayal.

Will you be there?


Join us. Sign our petition. Share our calls for a say.

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