Letter to the EHRC

"Myself along with the LGBA+ Rep and Co-chairs have written to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) regarding the recent concerning comments and activities from the organisation and it's chair.

The EHRC chair, Baroness Falkner, recently made some very concerning comments regarding self identification in a newspaper interview. Along with this, the EHRC withdrew from the Stonewall diversity scheme which was very disappointing to see.

At a time when shocking trans healthcare waiting times are critical to many, when the toxic anti trans environment grows stronger each day and when the mental health of the trans community is at an all time low, the EHRC could have made the difference, instead they have chosen not to.

The equalities watchdog simply isn't doing it's job of standing up for and protecting the trans community. We need a watchdog that works to extinguish the flames of transphobia, not one that seeks to raise those flames even higher.

We will hold any organisation accountable when they fail the community. We are the party of trans rights and therefore we can not and will not stand by and watch what is happening with the EHRC in recent times.

For as long as the struggles that trans, non binary and gender diverse people face, we will be here to stand up and fight tirelessly, because trans rights are human rights, now and always"
Kobe Bibbon- Trans Representative 

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