Liberal Youth trip to Strasbourg

This May, ahead of the EU referendum, Liberal Youth is heading to the European Parliament in Strasbourg to take part in the European Youth Event - and you should join us for the trip!

We'll be travelling to the beautiful city of Strasbourg for three nights 19-22nd May, for a mixture of debates, ideas-exchanges, meeting with MEPs and Commission members - and of course socials with other people our age from all around Europe.

Better yet - pretty much all your costs are covered! Thanks to Catherine Bearder MEP we've secured about 310 euros per person to cover your travel, accommodation and meals. This is just over £240 each, so great news wherever you are coming from in the country.

Applying is really easy - please email Ab, our International Officer, at [email protected] with your membership number, phone number, passport nationality, number & expiry date by 23:59 on 28th February (this Sunday).

Applications will be selected first come first served, but as we have pleanty of spots there's a good chance you can get one! If you have any questions please email her well before that, as an application will be taken as confirmation of being able to attend. Please also let her know any access needs.

Your place will be confirmed by Ab, after which you are free to book travel arriving any time on the 19th. Since direct flights to Strasbourg are infrequent, check out budget options to nearby to Basel and Baden-Baden! is a great way to find cheap deals.

Please note that you will be expected to book your own travel and be reimbursed at the event as we are unable to book on your behalf, but we will make the hotel booking as a group. This is likely to be about £100 per person taken from your overall subsidy. Also unfortunately we cannot accept under 18s on this trip.

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