Lucy Purkis Charters Plain Text Manifesto

About Me
I am a first year English and History student at the
University of York. I’ve been a Liberal Democrat
since the referendum result, having been angered by
the outcome and the division, as someone who grew
up in France. Equally, the party’s push for more
recognition of mental health is very important to me.
My Experience
I’m currently a Non-Portfolio Officer for the University
of York Liberal Democrats, one of the most active
and visible LD societies. Through this, I’ve been
involved in working with a team planning a wide
range of society events and campaigning all across
I’m also the English and History First Year Course
Representative at Uni, having worked with staff and
other students to speak up for students, making key
changes to modules.
My Aims
- I will push for better representation of women and non-binary
people in EYL and YL as a whole, by encouraging said members and
candidates to access YL help and resources.
- I want to work to increase transparency and communications and to
promote its own work even more, through regular Chatbox updates
about what our exec is doing for us, supporting regional Chairs and
encouraging them to provide us with regular emails about what they’re
doing locally.
- Finally, I believe that more could be done to improve accessibility for
British Young Liberals overseas – as when I first joined the party I
knew nothing about YL. I would like to do this by increasing
communication between YL and overseas Liberal parties, but also by
encouraging YL to promote their work further amongst overseas

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