Mental Health

The Government has promised to reform mental health legislation in the next two years, so this is a once in a generation chance to fix our broken system.

We have fought long and hard to end the stigma. In the coalition government, it was our very own Norman Lamb who put the issue on the agenda. But the fight is not won.

We want real equality.


So what do we want to achieve?

1. Guarantee waiting time standards, like with other illnesses in the NHS

2. Recognise addiction as a health issue and move drug and alcohol policy from the home office to the department of health

3. End detainment on the basis of having a “mental health disorder” (which can include Aspergers disorder and learning disabilities) and replace it with a test of “mental capacity”

4. Ensure that all teaching staff have the training to identify mental health issues and that schools provide immediate access for pupil support and counselling

5. Stamp out stigma

6. Increase funding to early intervention and community mental health services

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