Letter to Universities

Below is a suggested standard letter to be sent to those responsible for mental health services at universities.


Dear (Welfare Officer),

I am writing to you on the matter of the university's mental health/wellbeing services. Mental ill-health should not be a barrier to a student making the most of university. While there has been a lot of investment and effort put into these services over the years and this is a welcome development, more can still be done.

The Mental Well-Being in Higher Education working group guidelines, as published on the 13th of February, provide a framework to support students. I’d ask that this university make a concerted effort to adhere to and excel in these guidelines by continuing investing in services and striving to make services easily and readily accessible. This is incredibly important, especially to new and visiting students.

I hope that this university will show students that mental health issues are not barriers to success.

Yours Sincerely,

Student Name

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