Mike Green Manifesto Plain Text

Vote Mike Green for YL
Yorkshire & Humber Chair

About Me 

 I am studying for a Masters in Public Policy at
the University of York.
 I’ve held various positions, including Chair, in
the UoY Lib Dems committee over 4 years.
 I was elected Ordinary Member of the York
local party executive last year.
 I’ve previously been National Member on the
Liberal Youth England executive.
 I have attended multiple English Council
meetings after being co-opted.

My Policies

 I will constitute a Y&H Regional Exec consisting
of the chairs of the region’s societies.
 I will work to arrange regional action days in
Leeds, Sheffield, and Hull ahead of May's local
 I will help to create more 'geographic’ societies
in areas with a concentration of young liberals.
 I will hold a YL stall at regional conference.
 I will organise at least one regional social event
in the summer.
 I will restart the Y&H social media presence
 I will submit an amendment to ensure reforms
to the English Party don't marginalise the North

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