Ned Williams Plain Text Manifesto 1

About myself: I first became a party member in 2016, but I had supported the party for around 2
years before that. Joining the party coincided with me joining the Lib Dem society at the
University of Southampton, where I study Physics. I am currently the LD society’s Treasurer, and
I am on the executive of the Southampton branch of the party, which is running several Young
Liberal candidates in the May local elections. My experience in the party has made me passionate
about furthering its cause. Causes I care about most include the environment, Britain’s future
relationship with the EU, civil liberties and UK-wide decentralisation of power from Westminster.

Potential future EYL structures:
• An elected chair to assist with a skeletal
network of regional branches;
• A more powerful executive, distinct from
the regional branches;
• Abolish EYL entirely and devolve all
responsibilities to the regional branches;
• Status quo.

Like what you hear?
I’m also running to be an
ordinary exec member! In
this position, I would like to
push for the same
policies/changes as
mentioned here, albeit in a
different executive position

My vision for English Young Liberals

The structure of both the party and the country means that the relevance of the
English Young Liberals is not so clear – England is too large to function like
Scotland and Wales, and it is hard to introduce England-specific policy. However,
England is a distinct entity within the UK, so I personally believe that EYL has an
important to role to play.
Ensuring certainty for the future of EYL
I would make sure that a clear-cut EYL constitution is written with
member input. The future of the English Liberal Democrats in general is
uncertain, but I believe EYL is vital; at least as a network for co-operation
between the regions. I’d like the final decision to be made by the English
YL members.
Building up the local and regional party bases
Owing to the size of England, it is vital that the regional parties are properly run to
ensure YL success. If elected, I will try to ensure that all regional parties have a full
executive, and that EYL assists with their operations. Local societies are just as
important and I would like to help to create more YL branches across the country.
More direct representation
The most important aspect of the English Young Liberals is you! I would run quarterly
surveys to allow EYL members to express their opinion on how it should be run in
order to make positive changes.
Stronger focus on local elections
Local elections are the only England-specific elections, and many Young Liberals
throughout England have the potential to shape local elections this year, as
campaigners and even as candidates. I would like to help the regions to run YL
orientated action days, particularly to help Young Liberal candidates nationwide.

Continued strong liaison with other parts of the party
It is always important that Young Liberal ideas and policy can be considered by the
party as a whole. I would like to work with local and regional party branches to increase
YL representation, both as specific YL reps or in other exec positions. I would also like
to continue strong links with the Federal, Scottish and Welsh Young Liberals, and with
members in Northern Ireland and further afield.
Increased presence
It is important to make the work and presence of EYL clear, and the easiest way to do so
is to have regular updates on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as
occasional membership emails. I would also like to continue the practice of running EYL
‘mini conferences’ at Young Liberal conferences, and to make sure the regional YL
branches have a presence at regional conferences.
If you would like to know more:
@Ned4EYLChair on Twitter ‘Ned Williams for EYL Chair’ on Facebook Email me: [email protected]

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