November Exec Meeting

YL Exec Meeting

As this executive's first month in our roles drew to a close, we had a lot to talk about. Key agenda items included ALDC membership, strategy and campaigns discussions, and international elections.

Here's a quick update:

  • At the suggestion of Thom, our co-Membership and Branch Development Officer, the exec resolved to allocate £1,320 in this year's budget to purchase a Young Liberals group membership of the Association of Liberal Democrat Campaigners and Councillors (ALDC). ALDC is a Specified Associated Organisation (SAO) of the Liberal Democrats. They are membership organisation that provides advice, resources and training for Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners across Britain. The plan is to purchase 50 memberships for YL members, but further memberships can be purchased by individuals if needed, and some very active YL members are already ALDC members. 
  • Matt, our Vice Chair, presented a report on how YL uses Discord, and officers discussed issues including moderation, accessibility and providing support for members new to the platform. 
  • Officers discussed the YL strategy document presented by co-chairs Callum and Jack. Key issues raised were the need to more explicitly include the improve the diversity of our membership, developing a range of ways to support branches, Freshers campaigns, and navigating a route back to in-person events such as conferences. Officers will send edits to the strategy document to the co-chairs within the next week. 
  • A proposal to change the executive regulations to formalise the need for officers to submit reports to executive meetings was approved. 
  • Joel, our campaigns officer, led a discussion about our campaigns for the coming year. The need to support young candidates, and the importance of asking young people to stand in any still-vacant seats for the May 2021 elections, was discussed. There was some concern raised about how quickly officers have had to produce recent campaigns, and it was agreed that a formal proposal process should be considered. We discussed how, if at all, YL's Brexit messaging should be different from the national party's come January. It was suggested we wait until after the vote on the Brexit deal to make any decisions, as we should then know which direction our MPs have decided to go in.
  • Officers formally agreed to support a YL candidate running for election to an international liberal youth organisation. 
  • Suggestions were made for items to include in the monthly members newsletter - YL members, keep an eye on your inbox!
  • Katharine, our Accessibility, Diversity and Standards officer, gave an update on an event they held for U-18 member, and issues around safeguarding.
  • Thom, our co-Membership and Branch Development officer, gave an update on the Typeform account. 
  • Elizabeth, our co-Membership and Branch Development officer, asked if the diversity training William, our English Chair, was organising for English YL officers could be extended to the whole executive. YL co-chairs Jack and Callum offered to organise this in consultation with Jessica Lee, BAME Officer, and Katharine Macy, Accessibility, Diversity and Standards officer.
  • Hannah, our Policy Officer, raised that Liberal Reform have been in touch about a policy they are submitting to federal conference. Elizabeth, co-Membership and Branch Development officer, advised to ensure the policy is compatible with existing YL housing policy before progressing. William, English Chair, expressed that it was important not to be seen to be taking sides between other internal Lib Dem organisations.

Next year's YL budget was due to be discussed at this meeting, but unfortunately Cat, our Finance Officer, couldn't make it. We'll provide updates soon!

That's it for this month's exec meeting. Before the next one, why not come and join our event Young & Running? We'll be hearing from some Young Liberals who are running in the huge round of elections in May 2021. We'd love to see you all there!

You can find the full minutes here. The next YL exec meeting is scheduled for 19th December 2020 at 11am.

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