Oliver Healey Plain Text Manifesto

Oliver Healey for East of England Chair.

A year is not long to enact a grand plan for the East of England, but I have my goals set out and I believe they can be fulfilled in this time frame.

The key issue I can see on the local level, in Young Liberal University societies, is that we are sorely lacking membership, while on the national level we stand to inherit this country from two ideological machines of parties who are barely in touch with us. Therefore, if elected, I will work with other Regional Chairs and in my own constituency to achieve the following:

  1. Influence the National Manifesto at Conference by aiding the East of England societies to form policy motions which will improve life for the younger members of society. Any motion drafted will be developed by our members.

  2. To strengthen the link between East of England societies so that we are able to campaign together to assist the Liberal Democrats and further the policies we may pass via the first goal.

  3. To start the process of winning back support from the universities, with the activities of the first and second goals as demonstration of our commitment to forging a community nationally and locally for everyone.

  4. To increase society membership in the next academic year using the previous three goals as a foundation for further efforts.

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