Olivia Reed Plain Text Manifesto

Hi, my name's Olivia and I'm running
for South Central Regional Chair. I've
been a keen campaigning Lib Dem for
several years and am passionate
about pursuing Liberal values. As
leader of the Southampton University
Liberal Democrats and local council
candidate, I have fantastic experience
to bring and add to the role.

My manifesto focus' on four main
1) Set up a properly functioning
South Central regional exec with
representatives from all South
Central societies so the region
can start to help branches work
2) Organise targeted regional
action days for young candidates
in the region and work with
federal Young Liberals to
promote & advertise them and to
get resources.
3) Help local parties to form and
grow young liberal groups
4) Create a discussion forum for
leaders of South Central Liberal
Youth groups and societies to
share idea's, plans and progress.

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