On the Westminster Terror Attacks

The Westminster attacks were shocking news to our organisation. There are a number of our members and friends who work and volunteer around Westminster so it was particularly harrowing to see the headlines in the news.

Our thoughts are with the people and families who were not lucky enough to find that their loved ones were safe and we have nothing but admiration for our police and emergency services who put themselves in harms way for our safety.

Particular commendations, of course, to Tobias Ellwood who had the exceptional bravery of heading towards the site during the attack.

As always, we condemn the act but refuse to believe that at all reflects upon the characters of those from the same minority groups. This was an attack on our freedom and the response should be neither an erosion of our civil liberties nor feelings of hatred towards innocents.

We hope that Britain remains open, tolerant and united, and stands in defiance against such cowardly actions.

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