Order a Freshers Pack

Freshers is just around the corner. Freshers is the week in September-October when universities welcome their new students - and it’s a great opportunity to recruit new, young Liberal Democrats!

Whether you're a Young Liberals branch or a Lib Dem local party, we'd love for you to get stuck in this year. Many universities and colleges welcome external organisations coming in during Freshers, if you don’t already have a branch or society there.

Freshers Packs include:

  • Exclusive leaflets on housing, drug reform, and race equality
  • Posters on other campaigns that matter to young people and students
  • Badges, pens, and other freebies to hand out
  • Progress and trans flags
  • Social media advertising targeted to young people in your area

The packs have been specially created by the Young Liberals, and we're giving discounts to accredited YL branches. 

Packs cost £15 for accredited YL branches, £20 for unaccredited YL branches, and £25 for local parties. You can find out more about accreditation here.


Order a Freshers Pack


Freshers Samples

Please note that the content of Freshers Packs may be subject to change.

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