Positions Up for Election

The federal Young Liberals executive elections take place in September-October every year. These elections include the Welsh, English and Scottish state elections, as well as for outside bodies such as Federal and English Council.


The timetable for the 2022 elections is as follows;

- Nominations open on the 24th September

- Nominations close on the 1st October

- Hustings on the 3rd, 4th & 5th October - More details TBC

- Voting Opens on the 8th October

- Voting Closes on the 22nd October

- Results announced on the 23rd October

All of the positions or committee places set out below are up for election during this election cycle. If you have any questions about the roles, please contact the current incumbent, or the staff member, Alex Hartley at [email protected]

Nominations open on Saturday 24th September at 09:00am and close on Saturday 1st October at 23:59pm.

To nominate yourself for one of the positions or committee places, please email [email protected] with your name, date of birth, Membership number, position(s) you are standing for, an agreement to follow the YL Election Rules and a regular and plain text manifesto.

2022 Federal Elections

Positions up for Election in September/October 2022

Chair - (Incumbent - Eleanor Kelly - [email protected])

  • Organise and chair executive meetings 
  • Ensure YL works towards its objectives as set out in the constitution 
  • Take the initiative to make sure things happen, including supporting the rest of the exec 
  • Represent YL to the rest of the party and to our own members  

Vice Chair - (Incumbent - Matt Craven - [email protected]

  • Coordinate internal communications - make sure the whole exec knows what’s happening and the right people are included in decisions 
  • Stand in for the Chair when needed 
  • Represent YL to YL branches and members 

Events Officer - (Incumbent(s) - Lucas North & Callum Littlemore - [email protected] or [email protected])

  • Organise Young Liberals conferences - these are usually twice a year, the shorter Winter Conference and the longer, training-focused Activate session in summer 
  • Coordinate Young Liberals presence at Lib Dem Conference, including our exhibition stall and fringe events 

 Campaigns Officer - (Incumbent - Fergus Ustianowski - [email protected])

  • Coordinate Young Liberals action days in target seats, including setting a timetable for action days, communication with local parties, and keeping our members’ attendance and morale high 
  • Plan and deliver annual Freshers campaigns; this is a huge exercise over the summer and early autumn; we send packs containing leaflets, information, and freebies to up to 100 universities 
  • Support young members who are standing for election  

Communications Officer - (Incumbent(s) Sakeena Sanders & Caitlin Richardson - [email protected] or [email protected])

  • Manage communication channels with membership, including our website, emails, social media 
  • Promote YL and our objectives in the media 

Policy Officer - (Incumbent - Janey Little - [email protected])

  • Attend meetings of the Federal Policy Committee as representative of the Young Liberals, or find and brief an alternate 
  • Draft and submit motions to Lib Dem conferences to promote Young Liberals policies  
  • Maintain the Policy Book, a central record of policies passed at our conferences 
  • Answer queries relating to Young Liberals policy, e.g. to ensure that our campaigns are run in accordance with our policy 
  • Support members with submitting policy motions to YL or Lib Dem conference(s), including help with drafting and advice on content 
  • Plan and deliver training sessions to support our members to develop and make policy 

Finance Officer - (Incumbent - Jack Worrall - [email protected])

  • Draft an annual budget for the executive to vote on at the beginning of the term 
  • Ensure proper budgetary control is exercised, and executive members do not make spending commitments without authority  
  • Process payments from our bank accounts and monitor the financial position 
  • Lead fundraising activity; e.g. standing order forms, tombola at conference   

Membership Development Officer - (VACANT - Contact Alex Hartley (staff member) for any questions - [email protected])

  • Identify and support the training needs of members, by running or coordinating training events at Young Liberals conferences and Liberal Democrat conferences;
  • Help to maintain accurate records of Young Liberals membership, including liaising with Membership at LDHQ;
  • Organise New Members Days to welcome new members and give an introduction to the Young Liberals;
  • Maintain strong relationships with Liberal Democrat Headquarters (LDHQ), the Association of Liberal Democrat Campaigners and Councillors (ALDC), and other organisations in providing training for members.

Branch Development Officer - (Incumbent - Patrick Gilbert - [email protected])

  • Help to develop and support local Young Liberals branches and university societies by providing advice, training, information, or grants; working with State Organisations as appropriate.
  • Administrate the Young Liberals Branch Accreditation Scheme.

Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer - (Incumbent(s) - Lucy Tonge & Andrew Rushton - [email protected] or [email protected])

  • To support other members of the executive with accessibility issues e.g. help ensure accessibility of venues for events 
  • Maintain a relationship with the party’s Pastoral Care officer 
  • Promote diversity and equality of access within the Young Liberals 

International Officer - (Incumbent - Peter Banks - [email protected])

  • Manage relations with our international affiliates e.g. IFLRY, LYMEC, and the youth wings of liberal political parties across the world 
  • Manage relations with groups within the Lib Dems with an international angle 
  • Advise on international issues where relevant  
  • Coordinate international trips for our members 

Non-Portfolio Officer - (Incumbent - Daniel Powell - [email protected])

  • Support the executive with various things as required - this can include covering for other exec members, leading on specific projects. This is the most varied and flexible role! 
  • Carry out the roles of any executive members who leave their roles early, be ready to step into any role as an understudy 

Racial Equity, Diversity and Liberation Officer - (Incumbent - Keeran Kirubakaran - [email protected])

  • Work with the Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer to create a Young Liberals Strategic Response to the Alderdice Review, and implement this across Young Liberals. 
  • Attend all Young Liberals meetings and speak on matters relating to their role such as the implementation of the Alderdice strategy, and the plans and actions of other members of the Executive when it concerns or could affect Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals and communities.
  • Liaise with relevant SAOs and AOs, especially LDCRE, to ensure Young Liberals is promoting an experience which is positive and inclusive for BAME members of Young Liberals.

Federal Committees 

The executive also has the support of a number of committees, and some places on each will be filled by these elections.  The roles of committee members will depend on the approach of the officer that committee exists to support e.g. you may have to stand in for your officer if they are unable to make an event, they may run their ideas past you or delegate certain tasks.   

Policy Committee - 2 Committee places (Contact current Policy Officer Janey Little with any questions - [email protected])

  • Support the Policy Officer in carrying out their role 
  • Input on drafting motions and amendments to Federal Conference, ensuring they are in line with existing YL policy 
  • Provide on the motions selected for debate at Activate and YL Winter Conference, to ensure that high quality motions are selected, motions do not contradict each other, or duplicate existing policy or Lib Dem policy 

Campaigns Committee - 2 Committee places (Contact current Campaigns Officer Fergus Ustianowski with any questions - [email protected])

  • Support the Campaigns Officer in carrying out their role 
  • Input into the Freshers campaigns, including choices of campaigns, literature design, and campaign strategy 

Events Committee - 2 Committee places (Contact current Events Officer Lucas North & Callum Littlemore with any questions - [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Support the Events Officer in carrying out their role 
  • Help to organise Young Liberals conferences, including finding a suitable venue and accommodation and helping put together the agenda 
  • Help to organise Young Liberals presence at federal conference, for example organising socials 

Communications Committee - 2 Committee places (Contact current Communications Officers Sakeena Sanders & Caitlin Richardson with any questions - [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Support the Communications Officer in carrying out their role 
  • Help to organise the creation and output of social media content 
  • Take on other comms related tasks as asked to by the Communications Officer 

International Committee - 3 Committee places  (Contact current International Officer Peter Banks with any questions - [email protected])

  • Members of the International Committee are responsible for assisting the International Officer in their role of representing YL abroad.  
  • Attend as delegates of the Young Liberals at international affiliate’s congresses and promote the international activities of Young Liberals. 

Diversity Committee (Contact current Accessibility, Diversity, and Standards Officers Lucy Tonge or Andrew Rushton with any questions - [email protected] or [email protected])

The Diversity Committee is a committee aimed at helping expand and diversify the Young Liberals’ membership. Each of the representatives below is elected. Their primary task is to assist the Accessibility, Diversity, and Standards Officer and REDL Officer in matters concerning diversity and representing their respective liberation groups within the organisation. They’re also tasked with trying to promote greater diversity amongst both Young Liberals and the wider party.

  • BAME Representative 
  • Disabled Representative 
  • Trans Representative 
  • LGB+ Representative 
  • Women’s Representative 
  • Carers Representative 
  • Care Experienced Representative
  • Social mobility Representative
  • Under 18's Representative

Federal Council Reps (3 places)

  • Following the Federal Party's  Constitutional changes earlier in 2022, the Young Liberals can now send three members to Federal Council, where they will represent the interests of YL to the Federal Council and support the organisation in pushing for greater support for YL from the Council.

2022 English Young Liberal Elections

Positions up for Election in September/October 2022

Chair - (Incumbent - Oliver Jones-Lyons - [email protected])

  • Organise and chair executive meetings. 
  • Be the voice of Regional Chairs to the Federal YL Exec and raise their concerns. 
  • Take the initiative to make sure things happen, including supporting the rest of the exec. 
  • Represent EYL to the rest of the party, English Council, the English Council Executive and to our own members. 
  • Ensure that EYL remains compliant with their own and the YL constitution. 
  • Coordinate with the YL Executive to ensure EYL elections are held promptly and within their constitutional timeframes. 
  • Work with Regional Chairs to support and sponsor events/activities in their areas. 

Vice Chair - New Position

  • Support the Chair of the English Young Liberals and the Regional Chairs in ensuring campaigning and membership development activity across all regions.
  • Ensuring all regional chairs have appropriate training and that any other support required by regional chairs is provided
  • Providing general support to the executive of EYL in the areas of membership development, branch development and regional activity including campaigning.

Regional Chairs 

  • Coordinate, run and support events and activities within their respective areas. 
  • Work with the English Chair to develop the membership and societies within their areas.
  • Ensure that the concerns of local groups and societies are communicated to the English Executive so they can be raised on a Federal level.
  • Help develop Campaigns and Freshers topics so they can take into account local considerations and concerns./

Devon and Cornwall Regional Chair                         East Midlands Regional Chair

East of England Regional Chair                                London Regional Chair

North East Regional Chair                                        North West Regional Chair

South Central Regional Chair                                   South East Regional Chair

West Midlands Regional Chair                                  Western Counties Regional Chair

Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Chair


English Council Reps (6 places)

  • Represent the interests of EYL to the English Council and support the Chair in pushing for greater support for YL from the Council.

2022 Welsh Young Liberal Elections

  • Chair - the Chair is responsible for setting the overall direction of the organisation and the primary representative of the organisation to Federal Young Liberals and the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

  • Vice Chair - in addition to deputising for the Chair in their absence, the Vice Chair is responsible for the organisation's finances and for organising the AGM

  • Communications Officer- the Communications Officer is responsible for the social media accounts of Welsh Young Liberals and jointly responsible for developing the overall membership

  • Policy Officer - the Policy Officer is responsible with the rest of the Executive for developing policy and ensuring that policies that are are beneficial to young people remain on the agenda of the party. They are the youth representative to the Welsh Liberal Democrat Policy Development Committee and responsible for the submission of motions to Welsh and Young Liberal conferences

  • Campaigns Officer - the Campaigns Officer is responsible for organising campaigns for the organisation, crucially the annual Fresher's Fayre campaign in collaboration with local branches. They are also responsible for supporting members running for local, Senedd, or UK parliamentary elections.

  • Non-Portfolio Officer - the NPO doesn't have a specific role but instead supports the executive in any task needed. They are also able to stand in for other exec members on Committees that they are unable to attend

2022 Scottish Young Liberal Elections


  • Except as otherwise set out in this Constitution, be the primary spokesperson of SYL, and be SYL’s primary point of contact with the Party.
  • Entitled to be the SYL representative on the executive committees of the Party and the YL.
  • Work with the Treasurer to draft and present the annual budget to the Executive for approval

Vice Chair

  • assume the duties of the Chair in their absence.
  • ensure that minutes of each Executive meeting are taken.
  • maintain the records of SYL.
  • communicate with the Party on all official matters.
  • Coordinate SYL’s actions at Party conferences.
  • Be entitled to be the SYL representative on the Party’s Conference Committee.
  • organise AGMs and EGMS.


  • Manage all financial matters in relation to SYL, including in consultation with the Chair, preparing a budget.
  • Proposing initiatives for fundraising, and prepare accounts for each preceding financial year.
  • Be the primary point of liaison with the Party in respect of SYL’s
  • make all necessary returns for SYL under the Political Parties, Elections & Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA).
  • All disbursements, which must be in line with a policy set by the Executive, shall require the authorisation of the Treasurer

Campaigns Officer

  • plan, organise and coordinate SYL events and activities in line with SYL’s objectives.
  • plan, where possible, in liaison with YL and the Party, and procure the implementation of the annual Freshers’ Campaign.
  • with the Communications Officer, increasing and engaging with the membership of SYL.
  • plan, in consultation with the Executive, the SYL strategy for all public elections.
  • Ensure SYL participates in Local Party initiatives and campaigns.
  • Be the SYL representative on the Party’s Campaigns and Candidates committee, and the YL campaigns committee

Communications Officer

  • With the Campaigns Officer, increasing and engaging with the membership of SYL,
  • coordinate communication between the Executive and the SYL membership.
  • manage, in consultation with the Executive, the SYL social media and website.

Policy Officer

  • In consultation with the Executive, oversee and develop, SYL policy and policy motions to be submitted to the Party Conference.
  • monitor policy developments in the Party, Federal Party and YL.
  • ensure that issues of concern to SYL are timeously raised with the Party.
  • Procure the submission of SYL motions are submitted to the Party and/or YL conferences.
  • Be the SYL representative on the Party’s Policy Committee

Accessibility, Diversity and Enfranchisement Officer (ADE)

  • Whilst it is the role of all Officers and members to ensure that SYL is an inclusive and diverse organisation, the ADE shall take the lead in engaging with members who are from underrepresented groups and ensuring that they enjoy full participation in SYL
  • Carry out periodic diversity assessments of wider organisational members, practices and processes, and promote practices and policies to redress under representation, and welcome those from underrepresented groups
  • Ensure the creation of diversity networks to ensure all groups have a voice in SYL
  • Create positive action interventions to support under‐represented  groups
  • Consult regularly with and be informed by the YL accessibility, diversity and standards officer, and with relevant Party officers and associated groups.
  • The ADE ensure that members of SYL who require welfare support or who encounter unacceptable behaviour are signposted to the federal Party’s Pastoral Care Officer and the Party’s disciplinary system.

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