Stani Huepfl Plain Text Manifesto

About me

I’m Stani, a 14-year-old liberal from Oxfordshire. I joined the party last April and decided to run for Regional Chair to help safeguard the values we stand for. In my spare time I love to run, row, and spend time with my family.  I follow politics avidly, (including Trump - with a mixture of bemusement and despair!)  I was a committed volunteer at the last election.

What I plan to do


  • Work enthusiastically to drive membership among U25’s
  • Collaborate with federal executive ensure our ideas are voiced
  • Commit my time to understanding issues that matter most to Young Liberals in the South-East


The changes I want to see


  • Work with other regional branches, organizing action days outside of conference – to increase engagement opportunities for younger members
  • Expansion beyond university societies, to include those in schools, and also outside formal education
  • Seek inclusion of people from all backgrounds and ethnicity to ensure our party properly represents the diversity of our country


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