Steven Pettitt Plain Text Manifesto 1

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English Young Liberals Chair
My Goals:
Why I am running
About Me:
•Graduate: Ecology & The Environment BSc.
•Member of the party and active participant
in Young Liberals (née Liberal Youth) since
November 2015.
•Resides in Southend & active in local party.
•Nerd who loves politics and video games.
•Maintain constant communication between YL and EYL, ensuring
resources are distributed effectively.
•Organise frequent & flexible meetings with EYL, and ensuring minutes
are recorded & uploaded for the purpose of transparency.
•Update EYL constitution as a priority, and ensure the web pages are
updated correctly.
•Improve YL’s relationship with the English Liberal Democrats and
inject more youth representation.
•Represent EYL membership at all levels, especially to the English
Council, and secure necessary resources.
•Provide more opportunity for under-represented points of view to be
expressed and included in debate.
This position offers an opportunity to learn plenty of useful skills, and a
chance to play an important role within the party that works to benefit
young members within England.
I have the drive to take on the duties of this role, and to carry them out
with my own flair. I value pragmatism and professionalism within roles
such as this, as the representation of all members of EYL is a priority. I
also believe that diversity of opinion is also key, and that more needs
to be done to promote a wider range of views on topics raised during
meetings or conferences.

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