Stop Spiking

Stop Spiking Now


There unfortunately is a surge of spiking each year during the first term of university and has got out of control. The Young Liberals fully support the “Student Night in” boycotts across the country. Spiking can affect anyone but mostly affects women and those of other marginalised genders.

The maximum sentence for spiking is 10 years however many cases go unreported and a very few get convicted. There also is no dedicated NHS webpage for spiking or how to tell if or how to deal with being spiked.


We demand that:

  • All police and NHS staff should receive special training
  • Venues should provide drink spiking test strips, bottle stoppers and cup covers with staff being trained on the signs of someone who could be spiked
  • A clear and swift protocol to make sure all emergency services work well together
  • A review into why there are so few convictions
  • Spiking being added to the PSHE curriculum


Find out more in our Policy Book.