Thomas Hague Plain Text Manifesto

My name is Thomas Hague, I will be standing for the
position of Regional Chair for the Yorkshire and the
Humber Young Liberals.
I am a first year Undergraduate at Sheffield Hallam
University, having moved here in 2017.
Prior to this I stood in local council elections as
the Liberal Democrat candidate for Horsley, in the Derbyshire Council elections
coming fourth behind the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP.
As a member I am deeply concerned
by Lord Alderdice’s recent report
which found that the party as a whole
has failed to sufficiently engage with
BAME communities. As Regional Chair I
would ensure that all are heard within
the Young Liberals in Yorkshire and the
Humber, regardless of gender,
ethnicity, religious belief, or sexual
Furthermore, as a Liberal Democrat
student I am aware of the negative
view of our party amongst other
students in light of the 2010-2015
coalition government’s decision to
raise tuition fees. I have noticed after
speaking with other students, that the
general perception is that the Liberal
Democrats are either solely to blame,
or the main culprit in this increase.
With the party’s permission, as chair I
would like to begin a campaign to
counter-act this misconception in
Yorkshire and the Humber.

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