Tiv & Hon Travel


How to get to Tiv & Hon

Trains (to nearest 15 mins):


Honiton :

  • London Waterloo -(3hrs)> Honiton -(30 mins)> Exeter


Tiverton (Station 15 min drive from town):

  • Edinburgh -(5hr 15)> Birmingham -(1hr 30)> Bristol -(45 mins)> Tiverton -(1hr 30)> Plymouth (Via Exeter)
  • London Paddington -(2hr)> Tiverton -(1hr 15)> Plymouth (Via Exeter)
  • Cardiff -(1hr)> Bristol -(1hr 15)> Tiverton -(3hr 15)> Penzance



If you could drive this would really help, like North Shropshire it's a very rural community and we need as many cars as possible to travel around.

Tiverton is just off the M5 (J27) while Honiton is a little bit south of the M5.



You can fly to Exeter from a fair few airports in the UK, Manchester, Scotland and then get the train up to Tiverton or Honiton.


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