Trans Rights

Trans Rights are Human Rights!


Trans people and their human rights are under threat in the UK, more so now than they have been for decades. 

The Young Liberals are dedicated to fighting alongside the trans community as they battle for free and fair access to necessary healthcare, and the right to live their lives in peace and without undue hindrance.

The Young Liberals fully support the LGBTQ+ Liberal Democrats in all of their hard work fighting for trans rights.

We believe that:

    • The state of the trans healthcare system in the UK is not fit for purpose and must be reformed to ensure trans people can access this vital service without delay or expense
    • The upcoming changes to the Gender Recognition Act should reform the system to ensure that the process is as simple and non-bureaucratic as possible, to make it easier for people to transition
    • The Government should do more to tackle harassment and discrimination against trans people, on and offline
    • The Government needs to ensure that trans people can legally and safely access facilities that best match their gender 
    • Trans women are women, trans men are men, non-binary people are non-binary


  • Trans rights are human rights


Find out more in our Policy Book.