Vice Chair

Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy


Executive Duties:

i. Stand in for the Chair when needed;

ii. Coordinate communications between executive members and ensure decisions are made at the appropriate level;

iii. Ensure that accurate minutes of executive meetings are taken, circulated to the executive for comment, and uploaded to the website.


Charlie joined the Liberal Democrats in 2016, aged 17. In September of the same year he joined the Aberystwyth Student and Young Liberals (ASYL) at Aberystwyth University, where he studied International Politics and Strategic Studies.

During his time at University Charlie was elected to the society executive and served as the Welsh Young Liberals Campaigns Officer, a role he held for two years.

In 2017 he was first elected to the Federal Executive as Campaigns Officer, being re-elected in 2018. During his tenure as Campaigns Officer he oversaw the continuation and expansion of the Young and Winning program, as well as delivering a successful Freshers campaign, directing the Young Liberals European Elections Campaign, both Local Elections campaigns, and drafting the Young Liberals General Election Plan.

In July 2019, Charlie started working for Caroline Voaden MEP in the European Parliament. As part of the Leader's Office in Brussels, Charlie was responsible for social media and organised leaving events later that year and approaching January 31st 2020. While working in Brussels, Charlie joined the Board of Jeunes Européens Féderalistes á Bruxelles, campaigning for a federalised European Union.

Outside of politics, Charlie enjoys sailing, motorcycling, barbequing, and is the proud owner of many houseplants.

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