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Liberal Youth has been running a series of new members days this summer to engage our many new members who have joined since the EU referendum. With more coming up later in the summer, read Perry's account of one of the days last month to see why you should come along!

Despite having always been a Lib Dem at heart, it wasn’t until the EU referendum result on the 23rd of June that I was sufficiently motivated to join the party. Within days I was in contact with my local LD parliamentary candidate and a few weeks after that I was invited to a Liberal Youth new members’ day at Lib Dem HQ.

The Liberal Democrat head quarters are situated in the heart of Westminster (a veritable Pokémon cornucopia), just past the House of Commons and opposite the Treasury. After introductions from the committee, including a tale of Edwina Currie hopping on one leg, we were taught how to write and submit policy proposals, consulted on party campaigning material and encouraged to get involved with Liberal Youth in whatever capacity we wanted, from running for a committee position to visiting our sister parties across Europe. This was all topped off with a trip to the pub.

It was a pleasure to meet so many interesting new people and by the end of the day I felt fully indoctrina- I mean, welcomed into the Liberal Youth family; so much so that four days later I found myself on a train to Bristol for Activate, the Liberal Youth conference. I wholeheartedly recommend going along to one of the coming LY new members’ days and I hope to see many of you at party conference next month!

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