Welsh Chair

Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones


[email protected]

Executive Duties:

i. Responsible for setting the overall direction of the organisation in line with policy determined at meetings of the general membership,

ii. The voice and spokesperson of RhI Cymru and the primary representative of youth and student Liberal Democrats in Wales, both to the Party and to external organisations,

iii. Responsible for coordinating, overseeing and ensuring that the roles & activities of the rest of the Executive are carried out,

iv. Responsible for chairing meetings of the Executive and the Annual General Meeting,

v. The Welsh Young Liberals Representative to the Welsh Liberal Democrats Board, in accordance with the Welsh Liberal Democrat Constitution 2020 (G.1.2.vi),

vi. Responsible for drafting the annual budget, alongside the Vice Chair with input from the other members of the executive, to the AGM of RhI Cymru for approval as well as exercising appropriate financial control,

vii. The primary account-holder of any RhI Cymru bank accounts and ensure that there are at least one other co-signatory to the account who should also be a member of the Executive,

viii. Responsible for RhI Cymru remaining compliant with the requirements of the Political Parties, Elections & Referendums (2000) Act (PPERA).


Harvey joined the Lib Dems in 2018. Since then, he's served as Welsh Young Liberals' Comms Officer, sat on YL's Comms Committee, and was the 2021 Senedd candidate for his home constituency of Bridgend. He is currently studying for a Masters in Medieval Literature and spends most of his free time on Twitter or watching the Simpsons.

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