Young and Winning

In our humble young and liberal opinion, there's a real democratic deficit being created by the lack of young people in elected positions. On a national level this means pensions prioritised over student subsidies and home owners over renters. On a local level this can mean local youth services, mental health services and homeless shelters facing cuts.

It's so important that we have young people in governments, local and otherwise, so they can fight for our interests.

As a body representing the interests of young Liberal Democrats, we want to help you win with our Young and Winning programme. We can plan action days in your seats and potentially fund leaflets and literature.

So we can decide who to help, how to allocate resources and just so we know you exist, fill out this here form. Even if we can't host an action day or help out financially, we will always be here with advise and help you to find other young people in your area. Don't hesitate to get in contact.


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