Spring Conference Review 2018!

This year's Spring Conference at Southport had a very high turnout from Young Liberals across the nation. See below the day by day report of the Conference lowdown.


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Winter Conference Review!

Young Liberals Winter Conference was held at St Catherine’s College in Oxford this year was a great success. We had a very high turn out with us selling over 110 tickets!

Whether you attended or not please give us your feedback in this short survey to help us organise future conferences. See below for a day by day report of what went on at Conference!


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English Young Liberals Elections


It's that time of the year again!

Elections for English Young Liberals are back and running! 

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Young Liberals support ending the Vagrancy Act

The Young Liberals are proud to support Oxford University Student Union's petition to repeal the Vagrancy Act of 1824. One of the Lib Dem's key policies is to get rid of this archaic law that criminalises the homeless.

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New Executive for 2018!


It’s been a busy time here at Young Liberals, elections, Autumn Conference, and the buzz from the last election. In the meantime we have some important updates and some exciting new projects coming up.


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Intergenerational Inequality Fringe!

At Bournemouth Conference we hosted a discussion panel at to talk about intergenerational inequality and how to address the burden of an aging population. Here is the video!

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On Uber



Uber has changed travel in the capital for the better, breaking the monopoly of black cabs and making taxis more affordable.

This fast change has caused concern in law makers and in response they have fumbled for regulations which have done very little to help either drivers or consumers and simply wrapped the company up in red-tape.

Current regulation is not fit for purpose, The Liberal Democrats seek to update employment law so that it can apply to the gig-economy in a meaningful way.

We urge Transport for London to take Londoners seriously.  Any end result where Uber is no longer available on the streets of London would be unfair on drivers, unfair on the consumer, and a blow to the safety and affordability of London's thriving night time economy. Combined with Brexit, it further tarnishes London’s reputation for being open and pro-innovation.

We hope this is merely a warning shot, fired in an attempt for Uber to get its act together on compliance. We are pleased to see Uber appealing the decision but ask that they take their regulatory obligations seriously.



It is Activate this weekend and we have got a fantastic series of events arranged. (If you haven't bought your tickets yet, don't worry, it's not to late. We might have a few left.)

Here's the agenda

Friday 25th August

14.00-14.30: Open of Conference

14.30-15.00: Liberal Future for Housing

15.00-14.30: Injustice facing traveller and gypsy communities

14.30-15.00: Details on Socials and revisions of timetable

16.15-17.30: Welcome Picnic Social (Bring Your Own & Weather Dependent)

Saturday 26th August

10.00-11.00: Welcome, with Tessa Munt and Charlie Kingsbury

11.00-11.30: Constitutional Amendment

11.30-12.00: In defence of the gig economy

12.00-12.30: Replacing short prison sentences

12.30-13.00: Explaining the YL Executive and Elections, with Nate Isaacson


14.30-15.30: Diversity and Unconscious Bias, with Becky Thomas, Candy Piercy and Scott Emery

15.30-16.00: On Refugees, with Bradley Hillier

16.00-17.00: Campaigns Academy, with Neil Fawcett

19.30-21.30 Young Liberals ON ICE, Club Ice Skating Social @ National Ice Centre

(Members will be required to arrange their own transport to and from the NIC, as well as their entrance fee, skate hire is available at the venue)

OR Young Liberals Games Night (Exact location and details to be outlined at Conference)

Sunday 27th August

10.00-11.00: Executive Reports

11.00-11.30: Higher wages for non-contracted hours

11.30-12.00: Equal rights for mental health patients

12.00-13.00: Young and Winning, with Emily Fermour

13.00-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.00: Membership Development, with Rachel Palmer Randall

15.00-15.30: Photographs, Special Mentions, and Close of Conference



Every year, we work hard to bring you a fantastic conference and training weekend. This is our annual Activate. Despite its trials and and tribulations, 2017 is no different and we are pleased to announce that tickets are now available. It's always a really fun weekend and we'd love to see as many of you as possible.
There are a limited number of accommodation tickets but there are many more without somewhere to stay. If you need help finding somewhere, don't hesitate to email events@youngliberals.uk
Activate Logo

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Pride 2017: Our record as LGBT+ champions

This Pride we mark 50 years since Parliament first voted to legalise homosexuality. The Liberal Party became the first party to commit to a Gay Rights policy in 1975. Since then we have:

  • Created policy on equal age of consent and equal marriage.
  • Banned teachers from presenting homosexuality as unacceptable.
  • Granted trans people the right to change their gender on official documents.

Today we are campaigning to:

  • Make sex and relationship education at school LGBT+ inclusive. 
  • Tackle bullying in schools on the basis of gender, sexuality, gender identity or gender expression.
  • Introduce "X" gender markers on passports and official documents.
  • Protect LGBT+ asylum seekers at risk of being deported to a country where they are under threat. 
  • Decriminalise homosexuality worldwide and advance LGBT+ rights.

You can follow LGBT+ Lib Dems on Facebook: @PlusLibDems or check out their website.

LGBTQ+ History


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