Joshan Parmar

Co-Branch Development Officer

Joshan Parmar

Pronouns: he/him



Joshan joined the Liberal Democrats in 2019 because of the party’s internationally open and progressive approach to politics. He’s held many roles in the party, most recently Chair of the Cambridge University Liberal Association, Co-Chair of the Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers and Scientists, and Co-Director of Liberal Democrats for Housing. He’s keen to help young liberals branches of all sizes grow into strong campaigning forces that can get Liberal Democrats elected at all levels of government.


  1. Help to develop and support local Young Liberals branches and university societies by providing advice, training, information, or grants;
  2. Lead the planning and organisation of the annual Freshers campaigns, alongside the Communications and Campaigns Committee, with input from the Executive; sending Freshers packs containing campaign material and additional information to universities, colleges, branches and local parties that request them;
  3. Work alongside the State Organisations and Regional Chairs to maintain strong relations with State, Regional and Local Parties in order to help set up, organise and maintain branches and societies; and
  4. Administer and maintain the Young Liberals Branch Accreditation Scheme.