Internal Elections

Every year, our members elect our Executive - the group that runs YL for a 1 year term - and our Committees, that support specific officers in their work.

We also elect the State Executives for English, Scottish and Welsh Young Liberals. The Chairs of each state are members of the Federal Executive, and they also work with their Officers to help support the work of the Lib Dems in England, Scotland and Wales specifically.

Click below to read more about each Officer role and our Federal Committees! If you have any questions, feel free to email an Officer!


The Chair is responsible for the overall direction of YL. They sit on the Liberal Democrat Federal Board as our representative, ensuring our voice is heard and young people's concerns are understood.


The Secretary will be responsible for recording minutes of our meetings, working with the chairs of Committees to help them get the most out of them, and keep our key documents up to date - including the Constitution. They are also responsible for moderation of our Facebook group, Young Liberals Forum.

This is a new role for 2023. It will replace the role of Vice-Chair. Contact Nathan Hunt ( for more information

Fundraising Officer

This Officer will be leading our fundraising activities at all levels of YL, working on specific projects and raise money for them, like Access Funds, and working closely with the Treasurer to make sure all of our financial reporting is correct.

This is a new role for 2023. It will take on some of the Finance Officer's duties. For more information, contact Lucas North (

Communications Officer

You'll be responsible for sharing YL's work on social media, keeping our website updated, sending out members' emails, working on our annual Freshers' Campaign, and chairing the new Comms and Campaigns Committee to work on single-issue campaigns.

Elections Officer

The Elections Officer will be responsible for working on action days, helping to develop our Elections Strategy and helping run the Young & Winning scheme to support candidates.

This is a new role for 2023 and will be taking on many of the Campaigns Officer's role. For more information, contact Felix Andrew

Membership Development Officer

The MDO will develop exciting and engaging training sessions for Young Liberals and Federal Conferences, organise New Members’ Days to help people feel welcome in YL and working closely with outside organisations like LDHQ and ALDC to help meet our members’ training needs.

Branch Development Officer

The BDO is responsible for developing and supporting our local branches and university societies, ensuring branches are accredited so we can
get them the right support and contacts and running our annual Freshers campaign to help university branches grow!

Events Officer

The Events Officer is responsible for organising our Conferences, including picking a suitable venue and helping set the timetable, working with venues and other Officers to make conference accessible and run smoothly, coordinating YL’s work at Lib Dem Conference, including running our stall and managing fringe sessions, and chairing Events Committee.

Policy Officer

The Policy Officer's role involves representing YL at the party’s Federal Policy Committee, ensuring young people’s voices are heard, chair our Policy Committee, ensuring it submits policies to Lib Dem Conference on YL’s behalf, and supporting members in writing policy for YL Conference, including through training.

International Officer

As International Officer, you will work with sister parties around the world, including our international organisations, LYMEC and IFLRY, support the International Committee in raising awareness of international issues, and support a YL presence at international events including trips for members.

The current Co-Officers are Sean Bennett and Kai Pischke

Accessibility, Diversity and Standards Officer

As ADS Officer, your role involves working Safeguarding and Events Officer to ensure events are safe and accessible for all, including under 18s and underrepresented groups, promoting diversity within YL, including through chairing Diversity Committee, supporting the Executive with issues around diversity, membership and standards.

Racial Equity, Diversity and Liberation Officer

As the REDL Officer, you will work with ADS to ensure YL makes changes to its culture and work in response to the party’s review into ethnic minority representation and build solid working relationships with other organisations, like the Lib Dem Campaign for Race Equality to help improve our policy and work.

This role is currently vacant, but you can contact us at with any questions!

Non-Portfolio Officer

The NPO's role involves supporting the Exec with any project work or ideas as they arise, and covering for any vacant roles on the Exec where practical, to ensure that our work moves forward.

This role is currently vacant but you can contact us at with any questions!


Our Committees support the work of specific officers. Many of them have directly elected members, and are a great way to get more involved with YL!

Campaigns and Comms Committee - 3 elected members:

The Comms Officer chairs this committee, which promotes the work of Young Liberals online and in the media, works on the annual Freshers Campaign, and organises single-issue campaigns on Young Liberals Policies.

Policy Committee - 2 elected members:

The Policy Officer chairs this committee, which organises, plans and helps run Conference, sets up other inclusive and accessible events for YL members throughout the year, and supports the Exec to ensure all events are safe and welcoming.

Events Committee - 2 elected members:

The Events Officer chairs this committee, which organises, plans and helps run Conference, sets up other inclusive and accessible events for YL members throughout the year, and supports the Exec to ensure all events are safe and welcoming.

International Committee - 3 elected members:

The Events Officer chairs this committee, which manages YL’s international relations and recommend affiliations with other organisations, serve as or select delegates for international events with our affiliated organisations, promote the international work of YL.

Diversity Committee - 9 community representatives:

The ADS and REDL Officers, alongside the Diversity Reps for 9 different communities work on holding the Exec to account and ensuring that diverse voices are heard and involved in YL's work and decisions (the Reps are - BAME, Women, LGBA+, Disabled Trans, Carers, Care-Experienced, Social Mobility and Under-18s)

The Elections Committee and Finance and Resources Committee have no directly elected members.  Instead, members of the Exec and committees sit on these ex-officio.

The Elections committee works on our Elections Strategy, Young & Winning Scheme, and campaigning; FRC is responsible for our annual budget and staffing.

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