English Young Liberals

The English Young Liberals cover the whole of England and play a key role in coordinating the Regional Executives and supporting them to do the best work they can in their area. The Chair of EYL also represents the whole of the Young Liberals to English Council where they secure vital funding for us which enables us to do the work we do.

Meeting Minutes:



Chair: Ems Simpson

Vice Chair (Membership): Eloka Ikegbunam

Vice Chair (Campaigns): Tara Hussain 

3x Ordinary Executive Members: Ned Williams, Rhiannon Petteford, Lucy Purkis Charters

Chair of each Regional Executive: 

  • Devon and Cornwall: Sam Campling
  • East Midlands: Simon Mansfield
  • East of England: Callum Robertson
  • North East: Thomas Crawford
  • North West: Matt Downey
  • London: Catriona McDougall
  • South Central: Olivia Reed
  • South East: Josh Elliott
  • West Midlands: Adam Belcher
  • Western Counties: Molly McLaughlin
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: Mike Green

Next Elections: December 2018


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