There are many Young Liberals branches and societies all over the country, some dating back decades and some founded within the last year. We want our network of branches to grow, so that wherever you live in the country, there will be a Young Liberals branch nearby that you can get involved with.

That's why we've created this Branch Resources page: a centralised place for Young Liberals members to come and check out best practice. To find out what works for the most successful branches and what has helped others get started. Below, you'll find links to various guides on different topics to do with setting up and running branches, as well as resources available to you.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our Branch Development Officer, or write post in our official Facebook group Young Liberals Forum, where someone will definitely have the answer!

Branch Guide

Your one stop shop for starting, growing and sustaining your branch or society!

Branch Guide

Comms Request Form

This is a way for branch, society, region, and state Young Liberals organisations (as well as individual members!) to let us know about things they'd like the federal Young Liberals to promote on our comms channels. Fill out the form here.

Shared resources

For resources shared with YL members, including branch resources, visit the YL Members Shared Drive.

Branch Resources