Harvey Jones

Comms Officer

Harvey Jones

Pronouns: he/him




Harvey works in the Westminster office of Christine Jardine, MP for Edinburgh West, having recently graduated from the University of St Andrews with a Masters in Medieval Studies. He is a former WYL Chair and Comms Officer, and was the Senedd candidate for his home constituency of Bridgend in 2021. Away from politics, Harvey enjoys language learning, video games and his newly discovered love of Formula 1.

Executive Duties:

  1. Manage communication channels with membership, including establishing new channels of communication where required;
  2. Maintain the Young Liberals website, ensuring it is up-to-date, visually cohesive, and contains news, events, and information relevant to our members;
  3. Manage the sending of emails to Young Liberals members, ensuring emails are well-drafted and relatively spaced out;
  4. Manage the Young Liberals presence on social media, including regular posts on Twitter and Facebook;
  5. Promote the Young Liberals and the objectives of the Young Liberals in the media.